Techkon Announces Donation to Clemson’s Sonoco Institute

DANVERS, MA—Techkon, an innovation leader in high-precision color measurement solutions for the global print and packaging communities, announced a donation to Clemson University’s Sonoco Institute of Packaging Design and Graphics. The donation is valued at more than $100,000 and includes the SpectroVision Inline Quality Inspection System, SpectroDens handheld devices and multiple seats of ChromQA, Techkon’s … Continued

The Next Generation of Flexographers Glimpse the Industry’s Future at Forum 2019

Forum 2019‘s “FQC: Research Is the Key to a Successful Flexo Future,” co-chaired by Jason Cagle, MacDermid Graphics Solutions and Jean Engelke, FFTA Board chair-elect, spotlighted research projects completed by a handful of students, as well as a Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC) project report and, for the first time, featured the Phoenix Challenge College Competition … Continued

Finding and Fixing Common Print Problems at Forum 2019 with The Defectives

What if there was a group of detectives able to identify and solve print problems? Bobby Congdon of Clemson University and Amy Jungerberg of Inland Packaging put together Forum 2019‘s The Defectives® with that question in mind, bringing to the stage a foursome of print experts to provide their perspectives on a half-dozen defects and … Continued