FTA honors and awards are among the most sought after in the flexographic industry.

Each winning individual, company, product or print is chosen by a group of industry members—nobody is better qualified to evaluate and weigh in on their value and importance. Recipients are announced at the annual Awards Banquet, which takes place on the first day of Forum; there, before a packed room of fellow flexographers, those honorees are brought to the stage and rightly recognized for their achievements and contributions to the industry.

Excellence in Flexography Awards

2018 Excellence in Flexography Awards numeral GIF

The Excellence in Flexography Awards recognize exemplary package printing. Awards are judged by a group of flexographic industry experts. Categories in the Excellence in Flexography Awards include wide web, mid web, narrow web, combined corrugated, preprinted linerboard, envelope, self-promotion, non-traditional flexography, college student and high school student.

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Technical Innovation Award

2018 FTA Technical Innovation Award Eaglewood Technologies
2018 FTA Technical Innovation Award Hamillroad Software

Everything you need to know about the Technical Innovation Award is in its name: Technology and innovation. The Technical Innovation Award calls attention to the marrying of these two ideas in products which solve real problems facing flexographic printers. Past winners have run the gamut, from entire presses to plates to software.

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FTA Hall of Fame

2018 FTA Hall of Fame

For an individual to be inducted into any hall of fame requires a dedication spanning a lifetime. Members of the FTA Hall of Fame have selflessly volunteered their free time to aid the Association in its mission, while also having a dramatic impact on the flexographic industry. When the newest member of the FTA Hall of Fame is announced at Forum’s Awards Banquet, it is only he or she who is truly surprised; inductees are fixtures of the industry, staples at FTA events, regular contributors to FLEXO Magazine, constantly serving on or heading committees.

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President’s Award

2018 FTA President's Award

FTA’s president bestows his namesake award—the FTA President’s Award—on individuals who demonstrate remarkable dedication and extraordinary service to the Association, whether it be through steadfast work on a committee, as a delegate of FTA in countries where flexography and package printing are gaining even more steam, or some other notable body of work.

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Sustainability Excellence Award

Flexography is not known for being environmentally friendly, but that has not stopped the quest to mitigate its impact. The Sustainability Excellence Award recognizes printers who endure the added cost, additional constraints and first-adopter pitfalls to lessen their printing’s affect on the environment.

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FTA Scholarships shine a much-needed spotlight on the future of the flexographic industry. Through the three scholarships available annually, the Association has offered financial aid to students for more than 30 years.

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