2024 Sustainability Excellence Award Entry Form

Deadline: January 12, 2024

Review the information below for details on what exactly can be entered in the Sustainability Excellence Award Competition, how the entry process works, materials necessary and competition deadline.

Then, use the form at the bottom of this page to submit your entry.


Any company active in the flexographic printing industry is invited to enter. Nominations are judged in two categories:

  • Sustainability Programs: Programs implemented in a facility that have served to reduce environmental impact of printing or improve worker health/safety
  • Innovations in Sustainability: New technology, formulations or techniques that have been developed to reduce environmental impact of printing or improve worker health/safety

Entries submitted for consideration must be completed or in substantial progress by the end of 2023 and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Changes in production processes or raw materials which reduce the volume and/or toxicity of waste
  • Processes that recover reusable materials or energy that otherwise would be considered waste
  • Improved operation and/or maintenance of existing process equipment and methods that reduce or prevent waste generation
  • Measures to reduce energy consumption or maximize energy efficiency
  • Measures to minimize transport impacts
  • Technology and product developments that were created with sustainability benefits in mind
  • Outreach and educational programs to promote pollution prevention and health/safety within a facility or a community

How to Enter

  1. Download and complete the competition application.
  2. Complete the entry form below.
  3. Upload the completed competition application as part of the entry form.


Entries must be received no later than January 12, 2024.

Entry Fees

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Entry Form


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Evaluation will be based on benefits, commitment, leadership and relevance to the flexographic industry and others. Each of the following categories must be addressed your application:

  1. Describe the Program or Innovation: Indicate how the sustainability program reduced or innovation could reduce the environmental footprint or improve worker safety. Identify the pollution or other environmental problems that motivated your facility to undertake the project. Describe any new process, equipment or procedures. Discuss employee education or involvement in the program. Describe partnerships that were created or strengthened by the project.
  2. Benefits: Quantify how the project reduced or the technology could reduce the facility’s environmental footprint or improve worker health/safety. What are the key measurements for success? Be as specific as possible when quantifying results. You are welcome to submit graphs, charts, photos, etc. Describe corporate and social improvements resulting from the project. Include information regarding potential or actual impacts. Discuss the cost and economic benefits of the program.
  3. Continuous Improvement & Commitment: Describe how the program demonstrates continued commitment to sustainability into the future. Provide any information about why your organization is a leader in the sustainability movement.
  4. Relevance to Others: Discuss how the program be a model for others or the innovation used by others. What makes it exceptional? How does or can the program positively contribute to promoting sustainability beyond the facility?
  5. Supporting Material: Include any documentation and collateral including goal-setting documents, team or project structure flowcharts, and annual reports that demonstrate and support your organization’s sustainability program. Marketing materials will only be considered if they are a part of an application where all criteria have been addressed.