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FTA offers three online courses:

An Introduction to Flexography

FLEXOGRAPHY 101 Booklet Series - An Introduction to Flexography

Learn the basics of the flexographic printing process, how a typical workflow moves from beginning to end, the various components and consumables, and more.

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G7, Flexography & the Production Environment

G7 Online Course

See how to enhance a flexographic workflow through G7, a set of specifications designed to achieve visual similarity across print processes. Developed in conjunction with Idealliance, this course provides the information necessary to enhance any flexographic workflow using the G7 methodology.

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Ink Handling & Maintenance

FLEXOGRAPHY 101 Booklet Series - Ink Handling & Maintenance

Develop an understanding of the role ink plays in the flexographic printing process, ink types, how to properly handle ink, clean up techniques and after-print tests.

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