FTA training consists of FIRST Certification as well as basic online courses. FIRST Certification is an industry-recognized achievement, while the basic online courses are the perfect tools to train your new employees. Both demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of a specific area of the flexographic printing process.

FIRST Individual Certifications

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FIRST Individual Certifications exist at the employee level and consist of three types: FIRST Press Operator Certification, FIRST Prepress Operator Certification and FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification. Employees who hold a FIRST Certification are more knowledgeable with color consistency, process control and print quality. FIRST Certified individuals become strong communicators both internally—with co-workers—and externally—with customers.

To earn a FIRST Individual Certification, an employee must complete an appropriate program and pass multiple exams, each of which is modeled after Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances. These exams are rigorous and unflinching in their testing of an individual’s knowledge and ability, but they produce results: Those who carry FIRST Individual Certification are more capable and able flexographers who can bring improvements and real results to any workflow.

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FIRST Company Certification

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At the organizational level, there is FIRST Company Certification. Attainable only once a specific percent of an organization’s personnel has attained FIRST Individual Certification, it demonstrates an adherence to FIRST methodology across every shift, every plant and every job. It instills absolute confidence in customers and is evidence of a true print partner.

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FIRST Certification Resources
Read the FAQ, see who’s certified, promote your certification and renew your certification.

Online Courses

By enrolling in one of FTA’s online courses, flexographers can learn new skills and principles, keep up to date with ever-changing best practices, and brush up on the foundational elements of their trade. Courses cover an introductory look at flexography, the basics of ink handling and maintenance, and—in partnership with Idealliance—a guide to G7.

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