FIRST Operator Certification

Individual Focused, Results Driven

Today’s competitive workplace requires more than just casual knowledge to succeed. To emerge as a true leader, you must demonstrate a complete mastery of the flexographic printing process, from your core foundation to a commitment to process control at the highest level. 

The FIRST Operator Certification is designed to meet such goals. The program offers three certifications, all administered online in a proven, self-paced, e-learning environment. Choose to become FIRST Press Operator, FIRST Prepress Operator or FIRST Implementation Specialist Certified.

Regardless of which designation you pursue, the end results are the same:

  • Maximized efficiency
  • Consistent, repeatable and color-accurate results
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced downtime, rework and waste
  • Increased and sustained customer satisfaction
  • Reduced cycle times
  • Higher levels of enthusiasm and initiative among employees

The end result? Proficiency-demonstrated by high-quality, repeatable & consistent results.

“The FIRST Certification program provided an opportunity for us to increase our knowledge and expertise while implementing world class standardized processes and workflows in our plants.”—Mary Jean Irving, President, Master Packaging

“In terms of delivering FIRST training, in large scale, to our entire workflow, online training is the only practical solution. We can’t shut down production or send everyone away to be trained this intensely. This program considers the complete package, from the initial graphics in prepress to final production. FTA has got a winner on its hands in virtual training.”
—John Crammer, General Manager, Best Label, Inc.

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