Press Operator

A certified FIRST Press Operator is an expert in the field of flexographic printing and will consistently yield the best possible print quality.FIRST_press_lg

This expert press operator is proficient in the areas of color management, process control, troubleshooting and implementing corrective action procedures to bring systems into control for repeatable, predictable results.


  • Consistent, accurate and repeatable results
  • Proofs that match natural press conditions
  • Faster make-ready speeds
  • Greater process control through measurement, documentation and verification
  • Increased productivity and uptime on press
  • Effective management of all press components
  • Reductions in waste and erroneous costs
  • Better communication with entire supply chain, including prepress (graphics)
Level I:  6 weeks, self-paced – Sign up online
Level II: 12 weeks, self-paced – Sign up online
Level III: 12 weeks, self-paced – Sign up online


“Hard to believe it’s been nearly three years since I was FIRST Press Operator Certified. What a world of great it has done for me. Level I had me as an assistant who would maybe run some blank labels every now and then. Now I am essentially leading a shop floor! It really gave me the understanding and knowledge of how the flexo process works.”—Vince McLaughlin, FIRST Press Operator Certified, Lintec Label & Print Solutions


FIRST Methodology

FIRST supports the methodical approach to process control, optimization, fingerprinting, characterization and process improvement as outlined in CGATS TR 012-2003 (Graphic Technology – Color Reproduction and Process Control for Packaging Printing). While each organization may use its own workflow based upon its specific needs, there are certain fundamentals universal to the flexographic printing process. With a firm understanding and application of the FIRST methodology, flexographers can: identify potentially troublesome issues, benchmark press performance, utilize statistical analysis to maintain optimal conditions, perform accurate device calibrations, identify improvement opportunities and preserve stable conditions for repeatable results –all with the end result of satisfactorily reproducing the graphic design.

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