Know the Process.

Know the Process.

Flexography: Principles & Practices 6.0 book cover

Before you can control the process, you have to understand it. Flexography: Principles & Practices can help.

Flexography: Principles & Practices is a comprehensive technical resource manual addressing all aspects of flexographic technology. First introduced in 1962 and updated significantly throughout its history, Flexography: Principles & Practices 6.0 is a complete re-write of its predecessors. It features 29 chapters written across 600 pages (with additional content via download), hundreds of vibrant and full-color illustrations, a detailed glossary of terms, and an extensive troubleshooting guide.

Flexographers at all levels of experience—from students of the process and newly hired employees, to industry veterans and seasoned practitioners—have utilized Flexography: Principles & Practices in order to better understand just what the title purports to cover: the many complex principles and practices related to the flexographic technology and how to apply them effectively. It has served as the bedrock upon which countless flexographers have built layer after layer of increasingly detailed knowledge and technical knowhow, enabling individual performance at the highest levels and organizational excellence from beginning to end.

With Flexography: Principles & Practices 6.0, you will:

Understand the fundamentals of the flexographic workflow.
Understand the core components, concepts and applications.
Understand what drives superior print quality.
Understand how to troubleshoot problems, should they arise.

What Does Flexography: Principles & Practices Cover?

For Newcomers


Ink Meter Systems


Color Fundamentals


Plate Mounting


Market Segments

For Veterans

Process Control


Web Inspection Systems

Plate Making

Printing Processes


Process Color


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