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  • The 11th Annual Press Buyer’s Guide
    • Be positive your imminent wide web purchase is fulfilling business needs and can deliver a return on investment.
    • Evaluating the most important factors to consider when selecting a narrow web press.
    • What narrow web press buyers need to keep in mind when preparing to make a purchase.
    • Mulling a new wide web press? Take these recommendations into consideration when talks wind down.
    • After signing on the dotted line, here’s what to expect for getting a new press built and producing sellable print.
    • Post-purchase training (immediately and down the road), as well as maintenance and general support, are critical pieces.
    • How to get the word out and reach potential customers to tell them about your new press.
  • A call for FQC project volunteers and a look at recently completed ballots from the Standards Working Group.
  • The 2018 Gary Hilliard FQC Scholarship recipient’s research on whether consumers can discern between samples generated through different press setups.
  • Part 3 in a series on workers in the print industry discusses on-the-job training and how specialized programs are creating the next generation of flexographers.
  • Retiring graphics communications teacher Scott Porter is replaced by a former student and Phoenix Challenge participant Grayson Anthony.
  • SKU proliferation can serve as a key business differentiator for printers with the machinery necessary to produce short runs quickly and efficiently.
  • Investing in solutions to counter static electricity and contamination is vital to a printer’s production and business profitability.
  • Smithers Pira examines the next five years of digital printing’s future in its recent market study.
  • Three market research firms weigh in on the bright future for synthetic papers.

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  • Labels, Shrink Sleeves, Stickpacks, Stand-Up Pouches
  • FTA Fall Conference 2019 Primer
  • Labelexpo Europe 2019 Edition
  • Student Research Projects

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  • FTA Fall Conference 2019 Demo Project
  • Plate/Sleeve/Plate Making Selection Guide
  • Processors & Plate Setters


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