Need a logo for an FTA event, publication, certification program, or the Association itself?

Download any and every FTA logo right here. Logos are available in EPS and PNG formats; book covers are available in PDF and PNG formats. To download a logo, click on it below. Included with each logo are usage guidelines.

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FTA Association Logos


FTA logo


FFTA logo

FTA Member

FTA member logo

FTA Events


Forum 2019 logo


INFOFLEX 2019 logo

Fall Conference

Fall Conference 2019 logo

FTA Publications

FLEXO Magazine

FLEXO Magazine logo


FLEXO iQ logo

Flexographic Image Reproduction
Specifications & Tolerances
(FIRST) 6.0
Book Cover

FIRST 6.0 book cover

Flexography: Principles &
(FP&P) 6.0
Book Cover

FP&P 6.0 book cover

Flexographic Image Reproduction
Specifications & Tolerances

FIRST logo

Flexography: Principles &
(FP&P) 6.0

FP&P 6.0 logo

FIRST Certifications

Operator Certification

FIRST Press Operator Certification watermark

FIRST Prepress
Operator Certification

FIRST Prepress Operator Certification watermark

FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification

FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification watermark

FIRST Company Certification

FIRST Company Certification watermark

FIRST Individual Certification and FIRST Company Certification logos are available only to those individuals and organizations who have achieved the respective certification(s). If you are certified, contact FTA Manager of Certification & Technical Services Bjorn Knutson at 631-737-6020, ext. 148 to obtain the requisite logo(s).


Flexo Quality
Consortium (FQC)

FQC logo