Surfing the Circular Economy Wave

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June 23
11 a.m. ET
Alina Marm and Dr. Ashish Datt

Surfing the Circular Economy Wave

The Circular Economy and especially circular packaging are gaining momentum. A wave is building that is worth a surf—from an impact and business preceptive.

Learn from Alina and Ashish about the skillset needed to surf the wave, starting with an overview of the circular packaging landscape, followed by current solutions that are available now.

They will also provide an outlook of the innovations needed to manifest circular packaging, and how inks and coatings play an essential role.

About Our Presenters

headshot Alina Marm

Alina Marm, Siegwerk

Alina Marm is leading the Circular Economy Hub at Siegwerk. The Circular Economy Hub is driving the transformation towards a circular packaging industry—inside and outside of Siegwerk. She joined Siegwerk in the beginning of 2020 after being the external consulting project lead for a strategy project assessing the potential of a Circular Economy. Alina frequently engages with universities, business and alumni clubs through keynotes and panels. Most recently, she was interviewed by on how to create a Circular Economy.

headshot Dr. Ashish Datt

Dr. Ashish Datt, Siegwerk

Dr. Ashish Datt started his career as a chemist on the R&D team at Siegwerk, focusing on formulation development for solvent-based inks and coatings. Ashish has held various positions within Siegwerk with a focal point on designing innovative solutions for both internal and external stakeholders. He has recently transitioned into a new role as senior manager – innovation and sustainability, where he is responsible for designing sustainable innovative solutions that can enable circularity within the packaging industry.