Solve the Ink Equation by Slaying the Three-Headed Monster of Inefficient Print

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August 13
11 a.m. ET
Adam Bland

Solve the Ink Equation by Slaying the Three-Headed Monster of Inefficient Print

Join Adam Bland of Quantum Ink Co as he opens our eyes to the “Three-Headed Monster of Inefficient Print” and how we can use ink as a tool to slay the beast.

Adam will dive into what he has deemed the “Ink Equation.” This is a simple way to connect the dots and variables of flexographic printing to the ink formulator for optimal assistance in the overall process of printing quality and efficiently.

He will cover in depth the unique specifics of ink, such as polymeric structure, pigment selection, additives and how each component contributes to overall performance. During the explanation of ink components, he will take a close look at the on-press variables related to ink that matter most. These include drying speed, color accuracy and re-wettability, along with end product requirements tying all this together to the Ink Equation.

Lastly, Adam will conclude by connecting all things to what has been deemed the Exponential Theory of 98/2, your numbers and how they are directly affected by ink performance.

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About Our Presenter

headshot Adam Bland

Adam Bland, Quantum Ink Co

Adam Bland, president of the Quantum Ink Co, has become an industry expert with more than 20 years of working in all facets of printing. Adam has spent most of his career involved in research and development and on press at printing facilities, connecting the formulations of Quantum Ink directly to the press and customer’s specific needs.

Quantum Ink is a family owned company that specializes in quality products and industry leading customer and technical service. Over the last five years, Adam has worked avidly to mentor the next generation of printers by partnering with technical schools and universities. It’s Adam’s passion to continue to learn and to be able to give back by helping folks in the flexographic printing market better understand how to use ink as a very effective tool in their operations.