It’s Time to Change the Way You Measure Dot Percentage

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April 16
11 a.m. ET

It’s Time to Change the Way You Measure Dot Percentage

Measurement is the basis of process control. The measurement of dot area coverage or dot percentage is fundamental to define the characteristics of our printing system, to calculate compensations of tonal values for plate making and, finally, to control the production.

In 2017, a new method for the calculation of dot area percentage was introduced. ISO 20654: 2017 – Graphic Technology – Measurement and Calculation of Spot Colour Tone Value has come to simplify your measurements.

Join Stefano d’Andrea as he demonstrates how to implement this new method and experience its benefits.

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About Our Presenter

headshot Stefano d'Andrea

Stefano d’Andrea

Stefano d’Andrea is an industrial graphic expert. Since 1989 he has dedicated his entire professional career to flexography, from design and prepress, to plate making and printing. During his career in the flexographic industry, he has covered several roles, including technical support to sales, product management, business development, education and technical training. Since 2017 he has been dedicated exclusively to technical education in the flexographic process and consultancy as an independent professional.

Stefano manages the and websites and carries out teaching activities both independently, and in collaboration with Italian and foreign technical institutes. He actively contributes to the activity of Atif (Italian Flexo Technical Association) and FTA Europe. He is a member of TAGA Italy, registered expert at the ISO TC 130 working group through Atif and he is also a member of FTA US where he achieved his FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification.