Flint Group Launches nyloflex XAH Digital Thermal Plate

STUTTGART, Germany—The nyloflex XAH Digital, a hard round top dot plate with a smooth surface, is the latest addition to Flint Group’s fast-growing line of nyloflex thermal printing plates designed specifically for use in its nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processor. The new flexographic plate is formulated with a special AIF technology that is meant to keep … Continued

Inks for Labels and Flexible Packaging

As a printer in today’s complex marketplace, selecting an ink set for your customers’ applications can be a challenging activity. Requirement for the ink can be impacted by end-use regulation, customer branding demands, product marketing campaigns or application requirements. Those mandates need to be balanced with a printer’s capabilities, substrate compatibility, cost and productivity targets. … Continued

Finding and Fixing Common Print Problems at Forum 2019 with The Defectives

What if there was a group of detectives able to identify and solve print problems? Bobby Congdon of Clemson University and Amy Jungerberg of Inland Packaging put together Forum 2019‘s The Defectives® with that question in mind, bringing to the stage a foursome of print experts to provide their perspectives on a half-dozen defects and … Continued

Dave Nieman, a Three-Decade Supporter of FTA, Joins the FTA Hall of Fame

The coach of “Team Flexo” Has Forever Enabled Others to Succeed & Brought Out the Best in His Players The bronzed bust of John Madden joined the sculpted facades of fellow NFL coaching greats Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, George Allen and 20 others enshrined in Canton, OH when he was inducted into the Pro Football … Continued