Anilox Rolls for Coatings

When print designers of the past thought of adding value to the printing for a product, they thought about plate screens, color combinations and fineness of print. For many years, added value also meant hot-foil stamping, cold foil, couponing or some other downstream enhancement. Today, 4-color process—and to a large degree 7-color process—have become well-established, … Continued

Katie Graham and Dr. Danny Rich Receive 2019 FTA President’s Award

2019 Recipients Exemplify Diversity of Talent Within FTA Membership The criteria that is employed to select individuals for the annual FTA President’s Award is flexible, for sure. This was a conscious decision made way back when—in 1991, when the tribute was originally established—to allow for the year-to-year recognition of a wide variety of talents that … Continued