Multisac Installs Comexi Slitter S1 DT

GIRONA, SpainComexi, a specialist in solutions for the printing industry and the conversion of flexible packaging, and Multisac, a leading French company that is part of the Sigoplast Group, have strengthened their commercial relationship, with Multisac acquiring a fully automatized Comexi slitter S1 DT. As a result of this purchase, Multisac reports a gain in productivity in comparison to its old slitters.

“Comexi S1 DT allows us to offer our customers the highest converting quality at high speeds,” said M. Januel, plant manager of Multisac. As the advantages of using double turret have been great for the French company, it decided to replace two slitter Comexi S1 DS machines with the new Comexi S1 DT. “This is a very good machine because we save time between the two reels, as well as on loading and unloading, resulting in very high productivity,” stressed M. Januel. This slitter, installed in the company’s Chaspuzac facilities, is fully automated and allows Multisac to work at high speeds without core positioning or quality problems.

Multisac is a specialist in the manufacturing and printing of laminated plastic films for major French and international brands of the agro-food industry. Located in Chaspuzac (Haute-Loire), in a region with a strong agro-food identity, Multisac has more than 30 years of experience in the production of laminated flexible packaging.

Since the beginning, and as a result of its high-tech and high-performance fleet of machinery for producing medium and small laminates flexible packaging series, the company has mastered laminating and flexographic printing. Multisac also executes all operations of transformation, allowing its customers to deliver laminated films adapted to their expectations.

“Customer satisfaction is very important for Comexi, and we are extremely pleased with the positive reception of the Comexi S1 DT by Multisac,” explained Olivier Gibert, Comexi area manager for this region. Gibert stresses that “today we have many machines installed in France with this automatization, and our goal in the future is to install more productive and safer machines for operators.”

Comexi S1 DT is a slitter that provides excellent results in both quality and productivity, even for the most demanding jobs due to its regulated control elements and high degree of automation, according to Comexi. Its turret can perform jobs with a large number of output reels and operate with some of the thickest structures in the flexible packaging market, even with aluminium, wax or another hard material.

This machine has the nip tension gap system that can work with different tensions in rewinding and unwinding. Moreover, the Comexi S1 DT allows for a high degree of customization and automating options, including splicing tables, automatic reel unloading, video inspection camera or robotized labeling of finished reels.