Huhtamäki Reports Decreased Plate Production Time Thanks to Flint Group

ESPOO, Finland—With the sustainability benefits a thermal plate making solution delivers, Huhtamäki, a global food packaging supplier, decided to invest in a complete Flint Group plate making solution. This consisted of the nyloflex Xpress Thermal System, nyloflex Exposure F IV ECLF, nyloflex XPM thermal printing plates and a ThermoFlexX 60.

Huhtamäki’s main challenge is consistency in print quality, despite the variations on the printed substrate. The company’s previous plate making equipment was reaching the end of its life cycle, which is the reason why Huhtamäki invested in its replacements.

“It was a great match for our current needs. The high print quality, the solvent free system and practically no VOCs were very compelling arguments. Flint Group has a very professional way of working, delivering excellent solutions serving our needs,” said Erno Virkki, production manager at Huhtamäki.

The nyloflex Xpress Thermal System F IV, reportedly consumes up to 88 percent less electricity than other thermal systems due to the short wave IR preheating system. Therefore, no chiller or a vapor handling system is required. It takes only 45 minutes to get a high-quality thermal plate from imaging to finishing. VOC emissions are nearly eliminated, while up to 30 percent less fabric is used in the developer rolls. This contributes substantially to the sustainability efforts of Huhtamäki. A diverse range of printing plates, from flat top dot to round top dot plates, complete the solution.

The nyloflex XPM is a medium durometer, round top thermal plate for the flexible packaging and label markets with an exceptional performance on paper. The nyloflex Exposure F IV ECLF is a combined exposure and light finisher unit with reduced footprint and efficient design.

The ThermoFlexX 60 is a flexo plate imager with its maximum plate size of 42-in. x 60-in. and is a perfect fit for the large web segment. Ambitious printers and trade shops are able to make plates in a short time at high quality.

“We at Huhtamäki have been extremely satisfied with Flint Group’s support during the equipment renewal project, including installation, training and scaling up the production manufacturing. Everything went great with seamless collaboration from start to the end of project. By installing the nyloflex Xpress Thermal System, the response time to our production needs is significantly faster. Producing a plate takes less than one hour. With the old equipment, the response time was one full day so we see a massive improvement in productivity,” explained Virkki.

He added: “Our focus points are green values, environmental friendliness, green PE and sustainability. Products with no plastic are currently important drivers and the importance of these aspects will further grow in the future. With the nyloflex Xpress Thermal System we can meet these ecological requirements. The installation of the equipment and training our employees on it by the Flint Group team was all going perfect and in a record timeframe. We have now been running this solution a couple of months and are very satisfied. The printing quality is great and we have not faced any issues within production.”