Bay Tech Label Improved Work Methods & Problem Solving with FIRST Individual Certifications

The exterior of Bay Tech Label’s St. Petersburg, FL location, which houses nine flexo presses.
All photos courtesy of Bay Tech Label

Better communication, predictable results and less stress—Bay Tech Label Inc attributes these skills and more to Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances (FIRST). With employees who have completed each FIRST Individual Certification, the company says it is better equipped to speak with customers and meet their evolving needs, with improved skills and work methods.

“We find that problem-solving discussions are more rational with a logical approach. The color areas have a radically more measured technique, which eliminates the trial and error,” explains company President Karl Nurse, who adds that employees come to understand the value of the training and that he plans to communicate the company’s certifications and benefits they bring to customers.

Here, Karl talks with FLEXO Magazine about Bay Tech Label’s history and how FIRST Press Operator Certification, FIRST Prepress Operator Certification and FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification have affected day-to-day operations at the company.

Bay Tech Label’s Background

FLEXO Magazine: How large is Bay Tech Label? How many locations/presses/employees/shifts does the company have?

Karl Nurse: Bay Tech Label has 45 employees with nine flexo presses in St. Petersburg, FL. We have a sales office in Asheville, NC as well.

FLEXO: In what market segments does the company do business?

Nurse: Our largest market is labels and tags that end up in a hospital or medical facility. Beyond that, we sell a range of primary labels for food, beverage, cleaning and construction products. A significant segment is used for track and trace within industrial and distribution markets.

FLEXO: What’s new at Bay Tech Label?

Nurse: We recently added a larger cleanroom, as our pharmaceutical label and packaging business is growing quickly.

Bay Tech Label has been recognized multiple times for its prints in the FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards Competition. “They are very proud when we add a plaque to the wall!” says company President Karl Nurse of employees.

FLEXO: Did you recently purchase a new press? What went into the search process and what were the most important features or technologies you were looking for?

Nurse: We purchased a Performance Series press from Mark Andy Inc about 20 months ago. We were looking for faster setup, tighter registration, faster speeds and lower waste. After the learning curve, it achieved those goals.

FLEXO: What does Bay Tech Label see as new or exciting in flexography? New capabilities enabled by modern technologies? A specific consumer trend? Growth in an unexpected segment?

Nurse: Customers are steadily expecting more diverse means to decorate labels, such as cold foil, embossing and textures. Security labeling is growing in ways that I would have to kill you if I told you!

FLEXO: We’ll get into FIRST Certification, but another certification Bay Tech Label carries is Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Partnership certification. Why is being a sustainably minded printer important?

Nurse: I believe the consumer and governmental demand for more environmentally responsible packaging will increase significantly. We can either lead the way or get a black eye in this area. The SGP program encourages us to endlessly up our game. It is good for employee morale, for customer relations, for the environment and if done smartly, for the bottom line.

FLEXO: Bay Tech Label is no stranger to the FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards Competition, having received several awards in the past few years. What does winning an award do for the company and for its employees?

Nurse: The best part of entering the Excellence in Flexography Awards is that it communicates to the employees that we value quality. They are very proud when we add a plaque to the wall!