2021: The Year in Review for Flexography and Package Printing

FLEXO Magazine revisits what 2021 meant for flexography and package printing with a look back at the words and images that appeared in its pages.


“Rising demand for printed packaging will ensure genuine growth in the market for flexo printing as the global economy recovers from the COVID-19 shock.”



“Craft and commitment go hand-in-hand for the printer.”

Darris Smith, Harper Corporation of America

The main purpose of viscosity control is to maintain print quality from start to finish of a job, no matter how long or complex.”

Bert Verweel, Maasmond

“Integration of state-of-the-art manufacturing platforms, complementary technologies, and creative and entrepreneurial employees deliver innovative solutions to customers.”

Larry Goldstein, ABX


“With job memory and auto-register, operators can efficiently set up the press and recall settings to produce sellable product quickly, with less waste and higher quality.”


“The combination of line scan camera technology and spectrophotometer is the future of absolute color measurement.”

Amir Dekel, Danilo Maugeri, Luciano Menk, ISRA Vision


“Connectivity, digitalization, automation and sustainability are the cornerstones of packaging production.”

Marco Carrara, Bobst

“We see expanded gamut as allowing us to drive down costs, improve quality and reduce turnaround time for our premium and pharma packaging clients.”

April Burke, Bellwyck Packaging