Jason Cagle Is the Recipient of the 2018 FTA President’s Award

From speaking at numerous FTA events to assisting in FLEXO Magazine Cover Projects, Jason Cagle is an emerging leader in every sense of the definition.

Every now and then, you are fortunate enough to meet an individual who you know has “got it” from the very first time you shake their hand. The 2018 FTA President’s Award recipient began his flexo career well before he accepted his first full-time position with a member company.

Jason Cagle, MacDermid Graphics Solutions, was first introduced to flexography in 2012 while studying graphic communications at Clemson University. “As the leader of Clemson’s Phoenix Challenge team, not only did he reach out to the ‘newbies’ to engage and teach, but Jason always remained calm and humble, listened to others and respected their opinions, while pushing them to a higher standard,” recalled Clemson’s Dr. Nona Woolbright.

Jason has provided his expertise on two different cover projects for FLEXO Magazine: On the 2014 FLEXO Magazine Cover Project, as a college junior, he prepared the press and mounted plates, and on the 2017 FLEXO Magazine Cover Project, as an application development specialist at MacDermid, he examined and evaluated plates and characterizations.

As the 2015 FFTA Rossini North America Flexographic Research Scholarship first-place recipient, Jason presented the results of his research at Forum 2016 in a presentation titled “Implementing Flat Top, Stochastic Screening for Flexography Using High-Resolution Plate Imaging Technology,” and in an article within the pages of the May issue of FLEXO. In reflecting on working with Jason on the project, Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC) Chair Jean Engelke commented, “Jason’s confidence and professionalism radiated in the delivery of his exciting research during the FQC session. Everyone took something away from his presentation as the topic and results were timely and relevant to developing technology.”

2018 FTA President's Award Jason Cagle
Jason, visually inspecting the plates used for the 2017 FLEXO Magazine Cover Project, prior to measurement.

Since joining MacDermid after graduating from Clemson in the spring of 2016, Jason has spoken as part of two FTA events: First, participating as a panelist addressing plate technology in the Forum 2017 Flexography 101 & 102 sessions, and then, presenting alongside FTA Hall of Famer Mark Samworth (a formidable task!) at Fall Conference 2017, addressing the calibration processes employed on that year’s combination flexo/digital FLEXO cover project. One comment made in evaluating Jason’s presence was, “There is something about how he commands the stage when presenting. For a young professional, there is an air about him, as if he’s been discussing plates for decades.” At Forum 2018, Jason once again took another step forward as co-chair of the two-part “Troubleshooting Survival Guide” session, a topic that suits his capabilities very well.

In February of this year, Jason accepted yet another FTA assignment that fits his profile like a glove. After serving on the newly-established FTA Emerging Leaders Committee since its inception, he took on the role of committee chair with the vision of creating a strong sense of identity among the membership of this important association initiative. Jason fully understands the importance of creating a generational bridge within the flexographic industry in order to maintain the level of success that companies and individuals have been enjoying over the past many decades.

In reflecting on his short, yet illustrious career, it’s appropriate to comment that we often look to the industry’s most veteran members for examples of how to be a model contributor, but already Jason Cagle is fast becoming one such example. Keep up the excellent work, Jason!