FQC/SWG Updates: New Projects & Upcoming Meetings

Another quarter, another standards update. And speaking of standards, did you all have the opportunity to read Dr. Danny Rich’s article, “From Practice to Standard,” in the April issue of FLEXO Magazine? Danny is the chair of the Flexo Quality Consortium’s (FQC) Standards Working Group (SWG). We are fortunate to have his expertise in the … Continued

FQC/SWG Updates: Looking Toward Forum 2019 & Spring

In our last FQC update, we communicated the importance of the Standards Working Group (SWG) and its impact on developing standards that may affect our industry. We reached out to you, the membership, to take an active role in the discussions. There are several items under current discussion that will shape how we work in … Continued

The 2017 Gary Hilliard FQC Scholarship Winner Shares Research Results

At FTA’s Forum 2017, I was honored to receive the Gary Hilliard FQC Scholarship. It provided me the ability to continue my education as well as opened up opportunities in the field of flexography. Of course, one of the requirements to complete my scholarship obligations was to execute a research project that would allow the … Continued