The Printer Perspective on Forum 2019’s “A Screening of Screening” Print Jobs

Three jobs, three consecutive days; same press, same crew, same ink, same substrate, same plate mounting tape—fair, consistent and equal conditions had to be maintained in readying each job for public peer review at FTA’s Forum 2019. A daunting task? Perhaps for some. Interflex Group in Merrill, WI, presented with the potential assignment, answered affirmatively … Continued

Phoenix Challenge Foundation Announces Annual Golf Tournament

CHARLOTTE, NC—For more than 20 years, the Phoenix Challenge Foundation (PCF) has been the premier organization who solely focuses on building tomorrow’s workforce. Its annual fundraiser to support growing flexo in education is the annual Phoenix Challenge Foundation Golf Tournament. This year’s event will be held Wednesday, Sept. 18, at the beautiful Stonebridge Golf Club … Continued

MacDermid Graphics Solutions Names Andy Beesley Business Director – EMEAR Region

ATLANTA, GA—MacDermid Graphics Solutions has announced the promotion of Andy Beesley to business director – EMEAR region. Andy joined MacDermid in 2014 and has more than 30 years’ experience in the printing, packaging and graphics industry. Since joining, Andy has been instrumental in building the EMEAR team and expanding MacDermid’s business in the region. The … Continued

The Next Generation of Flexographers Glimpse the Industry’s Future at Forum 2019

Forum 2019‘s “FQC: Research Is the Key to a Successful Flexo Future,” co-chaired by Jason Cagle, MacDermid Graphics Solutions and Jean Engelke, FFTA Board chair-elect, spotlighted research projects completed by a handful of students, as well as a Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC) project report and, for the first time, featured the Phoenix Challenge College Competition … Continued