Central Piedmont Community College Students Benefit from Advanced Ultrasonics

CHARLOTTE, NC—Teachers and students at Central Piedmont Community College in Charlotte, NC have been sharing the positive effects on their flexographic projects after the arrival of a Melanie DUO Anilox Cleaning system from Alphasonics USA.  The donation of the equipment comes after a chance meeting between students and the company’s vice president, following a presentation … Continued

Packaging Travels: Wrapping Up and Packing Up

When I left South Carolina four weeks ago, I would have never imagined everything that was to come. I spent the last four weeks creating and living in a world so different than my own. Sprawling cow pastures were replaced with Victorian buildings, Walmart with Tescos, slow southern accents with clipped British affections. As I … Continued

Jason Cagle Is the Recipient of the 2018 FTA President’s Award

From speaking at numerous FTA events to assisting in FLEXO Magazine Cover Projects, Jason Cagle is an emerging leader in every sense of the definition. Every now and then, you are fortunate enough to meet an individual who you know has “got it” from the very first time you shake their hand. The 2018 FTA … Continued