The Emerging Leaders Committee is comprised of industry members relatively new to the workforce but with some amount of experience; loosely defined, its members have at least three years’ experience and are under the age of 35.

Members of the Emerging Leaders Committee come together in problem-solving work groups to tackle unique projects on an as-needed basis, network with peers and gain exposure, get an inside look into FTA’s structure while shaping its evolution and appeal to a younger demographic, and develop skills crucial to seizing opportunities to serve the profession in a future leadership capacity.

Emerging Leaders Committee Member Profiles

Jason Cagle

“There are always cases where there is friction between young and veteran workers, [but] we can’t point fingers… What we can do is bridge the gap by keeping an open line of communication between the differences in work styles.”

Ashley Cash

“Be confident in the abilities and skills you bring to your team. However, make it known that you are eager for advice and guidance. Some of the smartest people in the room ask the most questions.”

Matt Furr

“I don’t think HR managers or company executives really have to think outside the box to hire young talent. Millennials—along with any other generation—want retirement investment options, college savings plans and upward mobility.”

Brad Gasque

“When a customer is having issues and the plate seems to be the source, I come in and help them resolve the problem. There is something about the challenge to finding a solution to a problem that I really enjoy.”

Haley Hendry

“The flexographic industry is a smaller world than I originally envisioned. A big advantage to this tight-knit group of talent is utilizing suppliers to obtain fresh perspectives and creative solutions for reoccurring challenges.”

Thomas Koester

“A good company culture and opportunities for advancement show that a company cares about their employees’ happiness and the environment in which they work.”

Tessa Libby

“Printing has been an exciting industry to work in—never a dull moment; always something new to learn.”

Lauren Lippert

“Those who have been in the industry longer have seen what works and what doesn’t work, but younger people entering the industry bring a different perspective. It’s imperative to be open minded.”

Meghan Mullaney

“Although the industry is currently dominated by people who are well established, there is potential for a younger vision to help it evolve. This does not solely apply to flexography—evolution is inevitable in any industry.”

The Emerging Leaders Committee Chair

Emerging Leaders Committee Jason Cagle

Jason Cagle

MacDermid Graphics Solutions

Membership on the Emerging Leaders Committee is

not term-based.

As existing members gain experience and “emerge” as leaders, they transition to advisory roles to guide future members.

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