Flexo Foundations Seminar

Sonoco Institute at Clemson University will be holding a Flexo Foundations seminar August 13-14. This two-day seminar is designed as an introduction to flexography, suitable for anyone involved in the flexo industry including sales, customer service, administration, marketing, etc… Content covered will include the history of flexography, an overview of the flexographic market, the flexographic printing process, substrate and ink options, color and design considerations, and more. The seminar will include a mix of classroom learning with afternoon breakout sessions which allow attendees to see first hand how the flexographic process works. Breakouts include two press runs: one on a narrow-web press, the other on a corrugated press. At the conclusion of the seminar, attendees will have the option of taking the test to receive their FTA FIRST Individual Certification – Level I Certificate of Completion.

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