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FTA Membernar: Rheonics InkSight – Color Excellence Through Tight Viscosity Control, a 2021 FTA Technical Innovation Award Winner

Flexographic printing is capable of producing very high-quality images on a variety of substrates. Despite highly automated, precise measurement and control systems on today’s flexographic presses, color accuracy is still limited by variations in ink viscosity. To understand the importance of viscosity measurement and control in flexographic printing, we look at the effects of viscosity deviations on the Delta E 2000 values of an actual printrun.

Join Rheonics’ Dr. Joe Goodbread as he shows how the accuracy and stability of viscosity control using the Rheonics InkSight can substantially reduce the initial value of Delta E 2000 as well as its consistency throughout a run. He will demonstrate how the print consistency achievable with the award-winning InkSight system exceeds the traditional color accuracy specification to reduce setup time and cost, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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You’ll be able to submit them directly to our presenter for a live Q&A session during the Membernar.

Event Details

Thursday, September 16, 2021
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Event Website
FTA’s Virtual Conference Center
United States
Cost: Free


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