Troubleshooting the Flexographic Process

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March 28 and April 4
11 a.m. ET
Stefano d’Andrea

Troubleshooting the Flexographic Process

Diagnosing and solving flexographic print defects in a timely fashion is the responsibility of all production personnel. However, many times it can be confusing and difficult to accomplish.

Join Stefano as he conducts this two-part Membernar focused on troubleshooting common flexographic print defects.

  • Part – 1: The Flexographic Ink Metering System is the core component of the flexographic process. This includes how the anilox roll and doctor blade meter the ink to achieve the desired print quality.
  • Part – 2: Flexographic Inks and the Plate Package is focused on the functionality of flexographic printing plates, plate mounting tape systems, plate carriers (cylinders and sleeves) and substrates.

Register once and attend both sessions.

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About Our Presenter

headshot Stefano d'Andrea

Stefano d’Andrea, Flexographic Process Trainer & Consultant

Stefano is an industrial graphic arts expert with more than 35 years of experience in flexography, from design and prepress, to plate making and printing. Since 2017 he is an independent consultant and technical trainer in the flexographic process and manages the and websites.

He is professor at ITS Rizzoli in Milan and principal trainer at Atif. Stefano is a member of FTA USA, he is a FIRST Certified Implementation Specialist, serves as a member of the FQC and FIRST leadership committees.

Stefano actively contributes to the activities of Atif (Italian Technical Association for Flexography) and FTA-Europe and he is a member of TAGA Italy and contributes to the activities of the ISO TC 130 group.