FIRST Individual Certification logo

Put Your FIRST Individual Certification to Work for You.

FTA has a complete marketing toolkit to make sure you get the most out of your FIRST Individual Certification. Use the following items to educate potential customers and existing clients about why it’s important to always select a professional with FIRST Individual Certification for their flexographically printed products.

FIRST Individual Certification Logos

For use on your website, email signatures, blog, business cards and stationery. Post these to your social media profiles and announcements. Add them to articles, print ads, presentations, tradeshow graphics and in bios. Always include them at the forefront of proposals for projects (including a brief synopsis of what FIRST Individual Certification means, what is required to get the certification and why it sets you apart from others).

Get Your FIRST Individual Certification Logo
Contact FTA Manager of Certification & Technical Services Bjorn Knutson.

Certification Package

Once you attain a FIRST Individual Certification, you will receive a congratulations letter, a Certificate of Excellence and a certification patch. Display these with pride!

Press Release

Let people know about your FIRST Individual Certification and what it means. Get the word out with a press release.

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Sales Tools

FTA can provide a customized PowerPoint template to use to explain your FIRST Individual Certification and the benefits your customers can expect as a result of your achievement. Contact FTA Manager of Training Services Duane Woolbright for more information.

Additional Opportunities

  • Seek or accept speaking engagements and use the stage to promote your FIRST Individual Certification
  • Volunteer a testimonial to FTA for use in its promotional material
  • Advertise your achievement in your company newsletters (both internal and external)

How FTA Will Promote You

Post your company and its FIRST Individual Certification(s) on the See Who’s Certified page.
Provide a FIRST Individual Certification ribbon for your name badge at FTA conferences and events.
Promote your certification in FLEXO Magazine.
Promote your certification in advertisements, articles, conference programs, press releases and social media.
Provide a FIRST Individual Certification patch.
Provide a Certificate of Excellence.
Provide the applicable FIRST Individual Certification logo(s).
Provide any additional support and assistance needed.

Questions About Promoting Your FIRST Individual Certification?
Contact FTA Marketing & Communications Manager Katie Graham.