Global Packaging Receives Honorable Mention in 2013 Environmental Excellence Award Competition

2013 Sustainability Excellence Award honorable mention Global Packaging
Photo courtesy of Global Packaging

Global Packaging was awarded a honorable mention in the 2013 Environmental Excellence Award competition. An FTA member since 1997, the facility specializes in printed roll stock and converted bags for the consumer product, food, bakery, confectionary and pet food markets.

Pollution prevention, waste reduction and lean manufacturing processes have been part of its lexicon for many years. In 2009, Global Packaging was the first flexographic facility certified by the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP). It is also the second time it has received an award in the FTA Environmental Excellence competition, having been awarded a honorable mention in 2005.

The company’s commitment to the environment starts from the top. In Global Packaging’s sustainability policy, President Michael Frost states, “We have an active management process and practices that incorporate environmental, health, and safety considerations into equipment selection and operation, raw materials acquisition, and our production process. We regularly seek to reduce waste, find ways to reuse and recycle; and use energy more efficiently. To Global Packaging, social responsibility includes providing a workplace with equal employment and business opportunities for applicants, employees, customers and visitors; while complying with applicable local, state and federal laws, including but not limited to employment, safety and environmental requirements.”

Global Packaging achieves process improvements and increases employee engagement by involving employees in monthly meetings with their supervisors. In small groups, they regularly discuss ways to operate more efficiently, meet customer demand and improve quality.

“It was good to see environmental actions that lead to real savings. Global Packaging did a nice job of combining leadership with execution,” Judge Don Duncan, Wikoff Color, noted.

Judge Lori Ashford, Robbie Fantastic Flexibles, added, “Global Packaging was able to show how it saved more than $128,000 by implementing projects that were generated by employees and supported by management.” The combination of new technology and a streamlined process achieved this return. Using Twinlock instead of stickyback saved more than 2 million square inches of stickyback material. Global began extruding its own film in its North Carolina facility and recycled all unprinted scrap, closing the loop on the waste stream and sending nearly 72 tons less to the landfill. Wicket pins and spools were recycled, saving $73,000.

Tony Maginnis, CEO/owner of Global Packaging commented, “Sales at Global Packaging continue to grow each year and our ability to sell sustainability and innovation to our customers accounts for much of that growth.” “Sustainability efforts eliminate waste, reduce packaging and lower the carbon footprint. We pass along the savings helping to reduce the cost to consumers. Brand owners are scoring suppliers on sustainability and we expect to continue to earn high grades,” added Frost.