Here are the wide web winners in the 2017 Excellence in Flexography Awards Competition.

Wide Web, Process, Film

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Gold & Best of Show Award

Tops Herb Seasoned Croutons/Italian Seasoned Croutons Wrapper

Printed by Transcontinental Robbie

“Our customer challenged us not just to match the rotogravure quality it had been accustomed to, but to execute something special that would set its packaging apart. Significant to this opportunity was the requirement of flexibility to run multiple SKUs per pressrun in expanded gamut (EG). Saturated solid and near solid color builds, in combination with highlight detail in nearly all colors on the same plate, required all areas of the tonal range be well executed. The presence of 3- and 4-color text builds on both sides of the web required extremely tight register control. We brought together the best of the latest technologies in prepress, plate materials and tooling with world class pressroom execution to address these challenges head on, showcasing the capabilities of flexography.” – Printer’s Comment

“Very impressive registration of built type. Holding register on two sets of plates across the web was also noteworthy. Remarkable tonal range.” – Judges’ Comment

The 2017 Excellence in Flexography Awards wide web winners, by the numbers:

  • 1 Best of Show award
  • 8 gold awards
  • 9 silver awards
  • 7 bronze awards