Here are the combined corrugated winners in the 2017 Excellence in Flexography Awards Competition.

Combined Corrugated, Screen

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Gold & Best of Show Award

Berkley Jensen Ultra Laundry Detergent Carton

Printed by Advance Packaging Corp.

“We printed this two up using a pair of spot blues, cyan, spot green, process yellow and a gloss UV coating on double wall corrugated with a coated white outside liner. A large tonal range was needed to print the subtle light areas, mid tones and heavy shadows throughout the screen areas. One blue plate contains both large solids and screens, increasing the difficulty. White knocks out of two and three colors, requiring good registration. Maybe the most challenging part of the print, for our industry, was keeping the large solid colors clean. Exceptional prepress, coupled with press side processes and personnel, enabled the entire team to meet or exceed our client’s expectations.” – Printer’s Comment

“Excellent dot and vignette quality in the images. Good ink laydown while retaining dot quality. Consistency across supplied samples was very good. Fantastic print in the water and leaves.” – Judges’ Comment

The 2017 Excellence in Flexography Awards combined corrugated winners, by the numbers:

  • 1 Best of Show award
  • 3 gold awards
  • 3 silver awards
  • 3 bronze awards