Redesigning Packaging Sustainably While Maintaining Performance

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September 26
11 a.m. ET
Jim Felsberg & Rick Stokes, Sun Chemical

Redesigning Packaging Sustainably While Maintaining Performance

The packaging industry’s current focus on sustainability is reinforced by consumers, brands, government regulators and nongovernmental organizations alike.

To achieve sustainability goals of reducing plastic and increasing recyclability while upholding performance standards, brands must redesign their packaging structures. Suppliers like Sun Chemical are using innovative technologies to redesign inks, coatings and adhesives in a way that allows brands to feel confident they can transition to new sustainable packaging structures, while still maintaining performance.

Join Jim and Rick to hear why four redesign tactics—mono-web, washable/recyclable, compostable and biorenewable—are integral to creating eco-friendly products that maintain efficacy.

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About Our Presenters

headshot Jim Felsberg

Jim Felsberg, Sun Chemical

Jim Felsberg is the director of product management for packaging inks at Sun Chemical. Jim began his career with Sun Chemical in 1987 in the Daniel Carlick Research facility in Carlstadt, NJ. Throughout the last 33 years, he has worked in various liquid ink technical positions for Sun Chemical, from formulator to technical director, before transitioning into product management.

headshot Rick Stokes

Rick Stokes, Sun Chemical

As the vice president of the coatings group in North America at Sun Chemical, Rick Stokes advances and diversifies the company’s portfolio of coatings, adhesives and sealants by leading an experienced and accomplished team of product management, business development and application professionals.