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FTA Membernar: ECG 7-Color Mixes in a PDF, Economically

This Membernar is a follow-up to the expanded color gamut (ECG) project presented at FTA’s Fall Technical Conference 2023.

Bill Birkett, Chuck Spontelli and Steve Smiley will explain and demonstrate a simple, affordable ECG workflow based on international standards. A significant advantage of ECG is the ability to simulate spot colors from the expanded gamut of colors offered by the printing process. Unfortunately, Adobe Creative Suite does not support the orange, green and violet used for a spot color simulation.

Watch a live demonstration of a free software tool that replaces a list of spot colors in a PDF with ECG mixes that include orange, green and violet. Until now, this could only be accomplished with expensive and proprietary software.

Join Bill, Chuck and Steve as they present an efficient and economical way to get 7-color (CMYKOGV) mixes to replace spot colors in your PDF files—with free software.

You will see how this new free software tool fits into a complete 7-Color ECG workflow that you can try right now with little to no investment.

Bring Your Questions!
You’ll be able to submit them directly to our presenters for a live Q&A session during the Membernar.

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Event Details

Thursday, February 29, 2024
Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Event Website
FTA’s Virtual Conference Center
United States
Cost: Free


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