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FORUM 2020’s content—complimentary—given to FTA members via online presentations.

It wasn’t in person, but flexographers were still able to see and hear the technical, educational and informative content FORUM is known for.

Over three weeks, six of FORUM 2020’s technical sessions were broadcast live in a webinar format.

Wednesday, April 22


FTA President Mark Cisternino announces the recipients of all of FTA’s honors and awards.

Contrast in Print Technologies: Preprint vs. Postprint

A comparison of modern preprint and postprint technologies, resulting graphic quality, and how corrugated printers and their customers can choose the right process for each job.

Press Optimization: Straight from the Mouths of Printers

Establishing a procedure that yields consistent print quality, workflow stability and efficiency of operations, through press optimization.

Wednesday, April 29

Color Consistency: Achieving the Target

How using hardware to capture data and software to visualize it enables production crews to print to the numbers and rely on those numbers to ensure color consistency.

Inside the Minds of Brand Owners: Why We Care

Brand owners discussing the ways in which color is important and how its importance affects their package-branding decisions.

Wednesday, May 6

Innovation & Technology Born from Frustration

How color is affected by ink, anilox and plate selection—and improved by cutting-edge technologies—along with finding the best combination of consumables.

FQC: Exploring Technology & Defining Value in Packaging

Technology advancement born from in-depth research conducted by current industry members and students of flexography.

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