Bay Tech Label Improved Work Methods & Problem Solving with FIRST Individual Certifications

Better communication, predictable results and less stress—Bay Tech Label Inc attributes these skills and more to Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances (FIRST). With employees who have completed each FIRST Individual Certification, the company says it is better equipped to speak with customers and meet their evolving needs, with improved skills and work methods. “We … Continued

Best Label Co Sings the Praises of FIRST Individual Certifications & FIRST Company Certification

When FTA member Best Label Co decided to pursue FIRST Individual Certifications, it was for a simple reason: “Because statistical process control and printing to the numbers are essential,” recalls its General Manager John Crammer. As press operators, prepress personnel and implementation specialists at the company’s Union City, CA location achieved their individual certifications, it … Continued

Smyth Companies Sees Large Returns on FIRST Company Certification

A little can equal a lot. Take, for example, the incrementally small bump in price to go from a medium to large soft drink at any fast food restaurant: How can McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s and the like make any meaningful profit from selling an additional 20-oz. of soda for pennies? The answer is, they … Continued