Converting Equipment Selector: Showcasing Game Changing Technologies

FLEXO Magazine’s Converting Equipment Selector was developed in cooperation with committed INFOFLEX exhibitors who submitted writeups about their equipment prior to the event’s migration to a virtual format.

Arranged in alphabetical order by company, this guide addresses the application of smart, safe, sustainable, cost-effective and highly automated technologies, and how they have led to the evolution of: doctor blades, digital imagers, anilox engravings, plate mounters, coaters, laminators, cleaning systems, web viewing/inspection systems, sustainable inks, UV dryers, color management software, slitters, asset management tools, automated workflow interfaces, color measurement devices, splicers, hybrid presses, cameras, sensors, tapes/substrates and more.

Equipment, no matter its class, is now designed to maximize productivity, cut waste, reduce human touches and speed makeready. Take some time to peruse the game-changing technologies from innovative FTA member companies and supporters.

Allison Systems Corp

Presenting enhanced gold (QRE) steel doctor blades, a doctor blade material based on a newly developed heat-treating process which results in a metallurgy that provides enhanced performance in doctor blade applications. Laboratory and field testing have shown improved wipe quality and longer life than previous materials for difficult doctor blade applications. 

Anderson & Vreeland Inc

ThermoFlexX represents a new product line of reliable, high-quality digital imagers offered by Xeikon for flexographic plate making. Comprising leading-edge hardware and workflow software, the ThermoFlexX product line of imagers is based upon proven technology and open and modular digital workflow solutions.

Apex International

GTT is Apex International’s patented, open-channel anilox engraving that empowers flexographers to print more with less. GTT’s shallow, open geometry enables consistent ink-to-plate transfer for finer screens, stronger solids and more opaque whites.

Applied Laser Engineering

ALE introduces its Pronto 4 Laser Platform. This new, state-of-the-art laser technology is targeted at the graphical engraving market for the printing and embossing industries. Productivity is vastly improved with up to four lasers capable of engraving simultaneously into a single focusing lens.

ARC International

ARC International anilox rollers and sleeves are available in traditional 60-degree hexagonal patterns or extended 70-degree and 75-degree patterns. Anilox sleeve inner layers can be standard fiberglass or made with premium carbon fiber construction.

AV Flexologic

Automatic SAMM 2.0: The SAMM 2.0 is an operator-independent flexographic plate mounter that offers remarkable accuracy, repeatability and speed. The SAMM 2.0 positions the plate with 5-μm. accuracy while the mounting speed is 45 seconds per plate. During that time, the operator performs other tasks.

Bobst North America Inc

Bobst presents the BOBST MASTER central impression (CI) flexographic press, the master of performance when it comes to CI flexographic printing. It combines advanced technologies and smart innovations in CI flexographic printing to enable the highest productivity, process stability and flexibility independent of the operator’s skill level.

Dip Co

Disposable pan liners for Nordmeccanica coaters and laminators eliminate the need for added personnel, harsh chemicals and natural resources. Stop cleaning pans; replace the liner.

Eaglewood Technologies LLC

One of the fastest, safest and most effective ways to deep clean your anilox rollers, the Sitexco+ Laser Cleaning System is here. Based on the award-winning Sitexco System, the Sitexco+, with its patented technology, easily cleans any type of ink, coating, varnish or adhesive chemistry.

Erhardt + Leimer

E+L has launched the OMS3 web viewing system. The system is very quick to mount and set up—the operators will be setting up jobs and running them faster than ever before.

EyeC-America LLC

The EyeC Profiler combines the power of intelligent software with the performance of a high-resolution scanner. The inspection system digitally compares the scanned samples against the signed-off proof (typically a PDF file). The inspection is simple, fast, impartial and reproducible. Results are fully documented for perfect traceability.

Flexo Wash

The Flexo Wash Laser Anilox Cleaner is a waste-free and sustainable solution designed by experts in anilox cleaning. The laser units have been designed for the future with a focus on high protection of the anilox, easy handling and newest software solutions.

Flint Group

Introducing TerraCode, a sustainable water-based ink and coating range for paper and board applications. These inks are biorenewable content (BRC) certified and responsibly sourced. TerraCode delivers the necessary requirements for premium packaging results.

Fujifilm Graphic Systems Division

The new Illumina LED Retrofit System converts any traditional UV or water-based flexographic press to UV LED curing, typically in half a day.


GEW’s LeoLED has a unique concept: Deliver more UV dose for your money than any other product available. More than five years of product development and the latest LED technology combine to transform the economics of UV LED curing.