G7 Online Course

Your customers expect their print jobs to match.
Regardless of the printing method used.
Regardless of where their design appears.

G7 is a set of specifications designed to achieve visual similarity across all print processes, flexography included. Using G7, all printed conditions and processes are aimed at a common standard so that when files are created, your customer can be assured that the end result will match their expectations. Better yet, with G7 you’ll benefit from greater process control, reduced press setup time, reduced waste and faster makeready time.

The end result? High quality, repeatable results.

Designed for production and non-production personnel, G7, Flexography and the Production Environment provides the information necessary to enhance any flexographic workflow using the G7 methodology. G7, Flexography and the Production Environment is taught by FTA Hall of Fame Member Steve Smiley of SmileyColor & Associates LLC and Joe Tuccitto, FTA’s director of education. The course was developed as a partnership between Idealliance and FTA.

At the End of G7, Flexography and the Production Environment, You Will Understand:

What G7 is, and why you need to implement it in your flexographic production environment.
Calibration techniques for G7 and Flexographic Image Reproduction Specifications & Tolerances (FIRST) to achieve repeatable, accurate results.
Optimization practices for G7 and FIRST to identify the best possible combination of print variables.
Fingerprinting procedures for G7 and FIRST to successfully match a contract proof.
Process control techniques for G7 and FIRST for maintain stable press conditions, and reduce setup time and waste.
Global standards that reference G7 and Near Neutral Calibration.
Procedures for matching standard proofs, versus custom datasets.
How G7 provides efficiencies for both brand owner and printer.
What the next steps are for G7 and FIRST certification.

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