G7 for Flexo: The Method’s Role & Value in the Pressroom

G7 has quickly become a recognized term in the printing industry and, at Techkon, we’ve embraced it from its inception. It’s interesting that many packaging printers have asked some variation of two closely related questions: “Does this apply to flexo?” and “What are the differences between performing G7 on flexo and offset presses?” We’ve noticed … Continued

Kregg Albrecht Joins Matik Inc as Sales Manager, Label Products

WEST HARTFORD, CT—Matik Inc, a North American distributor of premier European print and packaging technologies, announced the appointment of Kregg Albrecht as sales manager, label products. In this role, Albrecht will represent Matik label products throughout the eastern half of the US and Canada. Albrecht has had a very accomplished business career in printing and … Continued

FIRST in Motion: Final Results

Measuring Samples from the Forum 2018 Print Project at Different Locations This is the last in a series of articles chronicling the wide web, flexible packaging pouch job at the center of the Forum 2018 FIRST in Motion session. Other articles in the series include: FIRST in Motion: Objectives by FTA Hall of Fame Member … Continued