Comexi Receives 2019 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award

In 2017, Comexi began a long-term project the company will continue to develop and improve in the upcoming years. The first part of this project was a Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) of its F2 MC flexographic press, which examined the environmental, social and economic impacts of the machine in order to make across-the-board improvements, as … Continued

IGT Global Solutions Receives 2019 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award

IGT Global Solutions is one of the world’s largest gaming solutions providers, focusing on the production of instant lottery tickets as well as other gaming solutions. The company received a 2019 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award in the Sustainability Programs category for implementing a volatile organic compound (VOC) reduction program in its flexographic printing operation, transitioning … Continued

Heritage Envelopes Wins 2018 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award for PackMail

PackMail improves envelope shipment by using less material, minimizing packaging waste, and reducing fuel consumption and CO2 output. When Heritage Envelopes Ltd received an honorable mention in the 2017 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award competition for its alternative packing solution for envelopes known as PackMail, judges were impressed by the company’s ability to reduce waste in … Continued