Marvaco Awards Siegwerk with Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) Partnership Certificate

HELSINKI, Finland—An Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) partnership certificate was awarded to the ink supplier Siegwerk in May, in recognition of introducing new ways to use flexo and offset inks on packaging cartons and fiber and plastic materials, among others. The certificate was awarded by Marvaco, a pioneer in EGP technology. Siegwerk has developed new EGP … Continued

Flint Group Awarded the Expanded Gamut Printing Partnership Certificate By Marvaco

STUTTGART, Germany—Flint Group, a global supplier of high-quality flexo printing plates and inks, was awarded the EGP partnership certificate. The certificate recognizes the company’s capability of delivering tools for successful implementation of this modern production process. The certificate was awarded by Marvaco Ltd, a pioneer in modern EGP technology. The certificate is awarded for the … Continued

Flint Group Partners with Soma Engineering, Marvaco Oy for "Petfood" Print Samples

WILLSTÄTT, Germany—Pet food flexible packaging print samples, produced by Flint Group in cooperation with Soma Engineering and Marvaco Oy, highlight an evolution in quality for flexo printing. Flint Group is pleased to present the latest print samples, “Petfood,” demonstrating several groundbreaking technologies to its customers. The Flint Group Soma Marvaco samples are the result of technical cooperation … Continued

Marvaco Celebrates 100th Anniversary, Name Change, Acquisition of Linds Flexo

HELSINGBORG, Sweden—Marvaco has celebrated its 100th anniversary, along with a name change following its acquisition of Linds Flexo Ltd. last year. The 100th anniversary, celebrated in the autumn, brings on a new upturn for the Swedish prepress company Linds Flexo, now stronger than ever. With about 100 clients, partners and staff representatives present, this milestone received … Continued