RKW Finland Receives EGP Partnership Certificate from Marvaco

HELSINKI, Finland—RKW Finland Ltd, a Finnish manufacturer of high-quality packaging films, received the EGP partnership certificate in September, to recognize its successful implementation of a greener and more flexible flexography process. The certificate was awarded by Marvaco, a pioneer in EGP technology.

RKW Finland has successfully adopted EGP (expanded gamut printing) in collaboration with Marvaco and Siegwerk Finland. The certificate is awarded for the high quality and outstanding process efficiency of the prints.

The introduction of expanded color gamut to packaging printing, implemented by Marvaco Ltd and its American strategic partner company, CSW Inc, has advanced to the stage of awarding partnership certificates to printing companies. In the certification, the printing companies’ use of the EGP technology is tested and evaluated based on various packaging jobs implemented with process inks. This modern printing process allows brand owners to improve both the quality and the greenness of their packages.

The EGP technology enables high-quality, efficient and more ecological printing without manually mixed inks. Predictable and precise brand colors are achieved through digitally assisted ink mixing. 

The other advantages of the EGP technology include the co-printing of different motives at the same time.