How to Start the Process of Optimization

When we talk about optimization, what comes first? As we went through the process of developing the presentation format for FORUM 2020 (which then became Virtual FORUM 2020), it occurred to me that there were a lot of technical experts out there who have presented a ton of information on the subjects of the various … Continued

Three Individuals Honored with FTA President’s Award

As I kick off this announcement each year, I feel it’s important to remind everyone that the FTA President’s Award has been bestowed on a very diverse group of people since its inception in 1991. Admittedly, the criteria are very loose. This was a conscious decision made so that our team had the flexibility to … Continued

Dave Nieman, a Three-Decade Supporter of FTA, Joins the FTA Hall of Fame

The coach of “Team Flexo” Has Forever Enabled Others to Succeed & Brought Out the Best in His Players The bronzed bust of John Madden joined the sculpted facades of fellow NFL coaching greats Vince Lombardi, Don Shula, George Allen and 20 others enshrined in Canton, OH when he was inducted into the Pro Football … Continued

Lon Robinson, as Reliable as the U.S. Mail, Joins the FTA Hall of Fame

An FTA fixture, tireless volunteer, industry stalwart, relentless learner, patient teacher and just about the nicest guy anyone knows. There are numerous synonyms for the word “nice”: enjoyable, agreeable, pleasant, good, lovely, amusing, wonderful, kind, polite, generous, friendly, swell, charming, peachy, delightful, gracious, helpful, fine and dandy, and at least that many more. When you … Continued