How Advance Packaging Printed Its Best of Show Applesauce Tray Carton for Member’s Mark

Few phrases sound better to a printer than “Nailed the proof!”

That’s exactly what judges in the 2021 FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards had to say about the Peterson Farms, Member’s Mark Applesauce Tray Carton, printed by Advance Packaging. The job went on to win Best of Show in the combined corrugated category.

Advance Packaging Job Ticket Image 1
Close-up of a spectrophotometer reading the printed sheet
All photos courtesy of Advance Packaging

Here, Sales Representative Matt Eischer, Director Graphic Packaging David Straten and Sales and Marketing Media Coordinator Scott Kloss explain to FLEXO Magazine the innerworkings of the job, concerns and how they were resolved, and what their customer thought of the final print.

FLEXO Magazine: How did this job begin?

Matt Eischer, David Straten & Scott Kloss: This job began when there had been some slight changes to the artwork on this box, which had been being produced using preprint. During the artwork update, multiple versions of the proof had not been able to be approved because of color. Peterson Farms then asked Advance Packaging to provide a quote to them for this applesauce box. Our new postprint Bentline Technology was able to provide great print quality at a competitive price.

FLEXO: What were the concerns and demands the customer brought to you?

Eischer, Straten & Kloss: We noticed registration issues coming from the previous print method. The customer also wanted to see brighter, redder apples.

FLEXO: In evaluating the job, what did you identify as potential obstacles or difficulties?

Eischer, Straten & Kloss: The small print and small image on the lid of the small applesauce cup, we knew had the potential to be a challenge.

FLEXO: How did your operators go about executing the job and meeting the customer’s requirements?

Advance Packaging Job Ticket Image 3
Ray Flynn, Advance Packaging’s graphics supervisor, inspecting a sheet press side.

Eischer, Straten & Kloss: We followed our normal prepress, preproduction and print production procedures. This included press-side checks for conformance of density, hue angle, all inks measuring within our Delta E parameters, visually inspecting the print in our ISO-compliant viewing booth and comparing to the customer-approved, color-managed proof.

FLEXO: Talk about some of the significant technologies used in printing the job: What press was used? What plates and plate processors were used? What inks and substrates were used? What screening technology was used? Were any special effects or embellishments added? How did you apply targets and tolerances to the job?

Eischer, Straten & Kloss:

  • Press: 8-Color Gopfert Ovation
  • Plates: Printron Quantum 0.112 DuPont Digital Sheet Plates
  • Ink: Flint OctaCode Inks
  • Screen: Normal AM screening
  • Paper: Outside liner – MetsaBoard Pro WKL
  • Special effects: None
  • Targets: Our normal color targets for density, hue angle and dot gain

FLEXO: Running the actual job: What speed did you run the press at? Were there any notable aspects of makeready and setup?

Eischer, Straten & Kloss: The press ran at 10,000 sheets per hour. There were no notable aspects of makeready and setup outside our normal procedures. The customer was press-side for approval of the initial printrun. Press approval took place quickly—in minutes—after the setup was complete.

FLEXO: Examining the final print: How did your team feel about its color and consistency? What about its future repeatability and predictability?

Eischer, Straten & Kloss: We and our customer were very pleased with color and consistency. We have no worries about repeatability and predictability; this is not a concern when all your processes are followed.

Advance Packaging Job Ticket Image 5
The final, assembled job which won Best of Show in the combined corrugated category of the 2021 FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards

FLEXO: What was the customer’s reaction to seeing the printed job? How can receiving a Best of Show award in the FTA Excellence in Flexography Awards help to win new business?

Eischer, Straten & Kloss: Our customer was more than pleased; the job exceeded their expectations. We have continued to print this item on a regular basis.

FTA’s Excellence in Flexography Awards are by far the most prestigious technical flexographic print awards competition in existence, scrutinizing in detail both the degree of difficulty and the level of execution, requiring four consecutively printed full-sheet samples, and the customer-approved contract proof.

This competition really aids in drawing attention and building confidence in our potential and existing clients about our ability to perform at the highest levels achievable directly printing on combined corrugated board.