Flash Poll Finds Flexographic Printers Staying Relevant & Competitive

Strong… Moderate… Little… None—As business barometers go, these measurements, simple as they are, can’t be easily misunderstood. Applied to everything from conditional circumstances to customer expectations, bottom line focal points to strategic directions, and plant-wide priorities to essential steps to success; such highly descriptive terms paint a portrait of the package printing and converting industry. … Continued

FQC/SWG Updates: New Projects & Meeting Activity

The calendar year may be ending, but the work being undertaken by the Flexo Quality Consortium (FQC) is ongoing. Currently, the FQC is working on a pair of projects and exploring a third. Current Projects The first is called the Ink Temp Project. The team is working on Phase 1, which will be an evaluation … Continued

TC Transcontinental Packaging Looks at Industry Challenges & Strategies

A “State of the Industry” report earlier this year cited the top challenges of printers today, with automated workflows, color management and cost control rising to the top of that list. Giving insight into one company’s experience with these particular challenges and others, Thomas Morin and Rebecca Casey of FTA printer member TC Transcontinental Packaging … Continued

The 2019 FLEXO Magazine Cover Project

Analogies, analogies: Press teams and pit crews… Racetracks and pressrooms… Drivers and operators… Mechanics and pressman… Pace cars and process control… Chassis and web paths… Checkered flags and impulse buys… Sponsors and CPCs… Time trials and optimization runs. Fast and Furious—oh no, that’s a movie franchise! Stock car racing and FTA? You get the picture—Blurs … Continued

Quality, Consistency, Efficiency and Speed Drive US and UK Markets

Stuart Beeson of Sandon Global on Building Business and Boosting Productivity Stuart Beeson, global distribution manager at Sandon Global, oversees non-UK sales activity for the internationally focused anilox roll manufacturer. He travels extensively, recently jetting between the Czech Republic, US, Scandinavia and back again. Along the way, he noted similar challenges, opportunities, operating strategies and … Continued

The Labor Shortage: Part 3 in a Series on Workers in the Print Industry

[Editor’s Note: This three-part series takes an in-depth look at the worker shortage facing the print industry. Part 1, in May’s FLEXO Magazine, covered the many statistics and facts that illustrate why there is a labor shortage and what we can expect in the future. Part 2, in July’s FLEXO, looked at various ways of … Continued