Automation and the Narrow Web Factory of the Future

Regardless of the type of manufacturing you perform, the age of automation is upon us and provides exceptional opportunities. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that nearly 60 percent of current manufacturing can be done through automating predictable and repeatable human activities. This can have a tremendous effect on how we manage our workflows … Continued

3M Design’s Michael John on Packaging Design & Flexography’s Expansion

Technology’s impact on flexography and package printing cannot be overstated. It has led suppliers to create and iterate at a rapid pace, and enabled printers to achieve higher quality at faster speeds. But what do CPCs think of the quick and constant rate of evolution? Often housing multiple brands, and juggling short and long product … Continued

FQC/SWG Updates: New Projects & Upcoming Meetings

Another quarter, another standards update. And speaking of standards, did you all have the opportunity to read Dr. Danny Rich’s article, “From Practice to Standard,” in the April issue of FLEXO Magazine? Danny is the chair of the Flexo Quality Consortium’s (FQC) Standards Working Group (SWG). We are fortunate to have his expertise in the … Continued

Anilox Rolls for Coatings

When print designers of the past thought of adding value to the printing for a product, they thought about plate screens, color combinations and fineness of print. For many years, added value also meant hot-foil stamping, cold foil, couponing or some other downstream enhancement. Today, 4-color process—and to a large degree 7-color process—have become well-established, … Continued