FQC/SWG Updates: Projects Moving Along Amid COVID-19 Restrictions

What a year 2020 has been so far! From travel restrictions to Virtual FORUM, we have adapted our approach to information gathering and sharing. FQC @ FORUM The FQC session at Virtual FORUM 2020—FQC: Exploring Technology & Defining Value in Packaging—was well received. Our two current projects, the Ink Temp Project and the White Ink … Continued

Optimize Ink & Substrate

Substrates and the substantial benefits they bring to highly specialized print processes, like flexography, are not to be ignored, taken for granted or otherwise dismissed. Optimizing ink to substrate is essential in successful printing. Great attributes of a substrate, particularly plastic packaging, merit mention: Plastic packaging plays a key role in food freshness and preservation, … Continued

Virtual FORUM 2020 Recap: FQC: Exploring Technology & Defining Value in Packaging

Virtual FORUM 2020 wrapped up May 6 with FQC: Exploring Technology & Defining Value in Packaging, chaired by Jean Engelke, FQC Executive Committee chair, and Dr. Sam Ingram of Clemson University. The session began with Anissa Mollett, a graduate student at Clemson University and the 2019 second-place recipient of the FFTA Rossini North America Flexographic … Continued

Holding Employees Accountable to a Consistent Optimization Process

Optimization—testing the consumables, picking the best match of products to give us the best quality and cost benefits—is always exciting. We can limit the consumables on the shelf and reduce variation. But how do we get consistency if we don’t decide on the methodology we will use to set up this product every day, with … Continued

Three Individuals Honored with FTA President’s Award

As I kick off this announcement each year, I feel it’s important to remind everyone that the FTA President’s Award has been bestowed on a very diverse group of people since its inception in 1991. Admittedly, the criteria are very loose. This was a conscious decision made so that our team had the flexibility to … Continued

Achieving High-Quality Printing While Maintaining Profitability

Are technological advancements in machinery allowing brand customers to expect higher-quality printing? Are brands simply pushing printers for higher quality, which is then driving the development of new technology? To a degree, both can be answered with a resounding, “Yes!” Why? High-tech equipment, coupled with continual calls for improvement, are causing an absolute print quality … Continued

FORUM 2020 Session Chairs Dive Deeper into Planned Proceedings

Drivers… Speakers… Messages… Take Homes—These are critical components of each of the nine technical sessions constituting FTA’s FORUM 2020. The event, set for April 19-22 at the Hyatt Regency Columbus in Columbus, OH, is built around a central theme—Color, Brands, Technology: The Complete Package. Over the course of four days: Benchmarks and data points will … Continued

Company Culture Is Essential for Success at Glenroy Inc

Integrity, trust, honesty, continuous improvement, service and safety—These are the core values of Glenroy Inc that the company says have led to its success and longevity. Established in July 1965 by Edwin and Ruth Jablonka and their son Roy in Milwaukee, WI, Glenroy (named for Edwin’s and Ruth’s sons Glen and Roy) has always been … Continued

Flash Poll Finds Flexographic Printers Staying Relevant & Competitive

Strong… Moderate… Little… None—As business barometers go, these measurements, simple as they are, can’t be easily misunderstood. Applied to everything from conditional circumstances to customer expectations, bottom line focal points to strategic directions, and plant-wide priorities to essential steps to success; such highly descriptive terms paint a portrait of the package printing and converting industry. … Continued