Comexi Develops Technical Laminated Solutions

DÜSSELDORF, GermanyComexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging printing and converting sector, is working to deliver eco-friendly solutions without sacrificing any of the properties and performance demanded by customers.

Comexi Lamination has recently developed a closed chamber rotogravure trolley, which will be presented at K 2019, that is especially designed for water-based coatings. This system not only delivers a solution for highly demanded water-based coatings, but also improves to a great extent the current systems, according to Comexi.

Comexi‘s new closed chamber rotogravure trolley

This performance is achieved, first and foremost, due to the pressurization of the doctor blade chamber. The pressurization results in a smoother application, which works well for water-based coatings, while at the same time making it easier to work with substantially larger grammages and delivering a self-cleaning technology. Using standard methods, this can be a challenging application, particularly when trying not to sacrifice the visual appearance.

Furthermore, Comexi has developed a system to satisfy at-register application coatings that cannot be executed with their pressurized rotogravure trolley. This is possible thanks to the Comexi Flexo GL trolley, which is able to perform full or register applications as well as holographic effects. This system, aside from providing versatility, allows for quick changeover in a matter of minutes due to its sleeve technology, changing patterns and grammages. In a market where the runs are getting shorter and shorter, it is getting increasingly important to achieve quick changeovers.

The Comexi ML1 MC

In the same line, Comexi recently launched the Comexi ML1 MC, a perfect match for water-based coatings which, in fact, need high drying capabilities. This coater and laminator was designed for the highest demands and has high-performance turrets and very efficient modular drying units.