Avery Dennison Launches New Sustainable Wine Labels

MENTOR, OHAvery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials is adding six new facestocks to its wine and spirits portfolio, designed to help winemakers tell their brand’s unique story in booth A439 at the 2020 Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento, CA, Feb. 5-6.

“Labeling technology must work harder than ever for the winemaker and retailer, and these new Avery Dennison collections go beyond helping a bottle stand out on the shelf,” said Vanita Marzette, senior product manager – Wine and Spirits, Avery Dennison. “Whether it’s telling a wine’s sustainability story, employing technology to directly engage with consumers, or ensuring a wine’s validity, labels can serve a variety of needs for the winemaker, retailer and end user.”

Avery Dennison’s new offerings are unique in that they not only deliver a high-end experience via a premium look, finish and feel that provide shelf appeal—they are also manufactured from sustainable materials, which more and more consumers demand, according to Avery Dennison research.

Avery Dennison’s six new high-end facestocks are made with renewable or responsibly sourced materials and include:

  • Three cotton-based materials (part of Avery Dennison’s Sensorial Collection—a line of facestocks offering a highly tactile, soft and luxurious feel and texture). All three new facestocks are perfect for a variety of finishing effects, including embossing, debossing and foiling:
    • Fasson 100 percent pure cotton wet-strength: Made from 100 percent cotton (a renewable resource), this 70-pound facestock delivers a letter press finish and offers a premium, tactile feel
    • 70# Fasson 25 percent cotton feel wet-strength: A high-quality 70-pound white cotton facestock, it is made with 25 percent cotton and 30 percent post-consumer waste and delivers a soft cotton felt finish
    • 70# Fasson 25 percent clack cotton feel wet-strength: A high-quality 70-pound true black facestock, it is made with 25 percent cotton and 30 percent post-consumer waste and offers a tactile feel
  • Three materials produced with organic and recycled content:
    • Fasson 25 percent hemp: A premium facestock made with 25 percent hemp and 75 percent post-consumer waste, it meets the demand for label materials containing both organic materials and recycled content. With 75 percent post-consumer waste, this label material contains significantly more than the 30 percent minimum recycled content of other products within Avery Dennison’s ClearIntent product portfolio—a portfolio that makes it easy for brand owners to improve the environmental impact of their packaging without sacrificing performance
    • 60# Fasson crush citrus wet-strength FSC: A premium facestock, it is made with 15 percent citrus and 40 percent post-consumer waste
    • 60# Fasson crush barley wet-strength FSC: A premium facestock, it is made with 15 percent barley and 40 percent post-consumer waste.

Also featured will be Avery Dennison’s NFC (near field communication) technology for wine label consumer engagement. Avery Dennison will share more about how NFC technology also enables a brand to share interactive, augmented reality experiences directly with consumers. This technology allows labels to share messaging, coupons, ads, special offers or educational information.

Avery Dennison’s North American Wine & Spirits Portfolio contains more than 150 label constructions featuring an expansive selection of unique facestocks and high-performing adhesives. The portfolio has been designed to provide brand owners and designers the outstanding shelf appeal and functionality needed for wine and spirits applications.