Understanding Your Anilox Roller

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October 26
11 a.m. ET
Sean Teufler, Interflex Laser Engravers and Precision Flexo & Gravure

Understanding Your Anilox Roller

Join Sean for a presentation that will discuss anilox roller basics, care and maintenance; dive into the physical makeup of the anilox roller; examine conditions to avoid when caring for an anilox roller; how to select the correct engraving and line screen/volume specifications; and the impact of an anilox roller’s depth-to-opening ratio.

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About Our Presenter

headshot Sean Teufler

Sean Teufler, Interflex Laser Engravers

Sean has 32 years of experience in flexography as a printer and ink technician, as well as a supplier of aniloxes rolls, inks, and plates. Sean has been a frequent technical contributor to FLEXO Magazine and other trade publications. He participates in the FTA’s INFOFLEX Steering, Scholarship and Awards Committees. He serves a member of the FFTA/FTA Board of Trustees.