Two Outstanding Entries That Earned Recognition in the 2021 FTA Sustainability Excellence Awards

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September 15
11 a.m. ET
Nate Miranda & Scott Pillsbury

Two Outstanding Entries That Earned Recognition in the 2021 FTA Sustainability Excellence Awards

For more than 20 years, FTA has recognized companies for innovations in sustainability and sustainability programs with the FTA Sustainability Excellence Award.

Listen to a winner and an honorable mention from the 2021 competition discuss their sustainability efforts and why they rose to the top of a pool of high-caliber entries.

Integritite, a New Collation Shrink Film Made from 33 Percent Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic

Presented by Nate Miranda, TC Transcontinental Packaging

Integritite post-consumer recycled (PCR) content collation shrink film includes 33 percent post-consumer recycled plastic. TC Transcontinental Packaging’s R&D team created a sustainable collation shrink film that is close to par with virgin plastic resin performance, is pre-approved by How2Recycle for in-store drop-off, looks great on the shelf and appeals to the consumer’s desire for a cleaner environment.

Listen to Nate discuss TC Transcontinental Packaging’s 2021 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award-winning shrink film.

Start Where You Are, Use What You Have

Presented by Scott Pillsbury, Rose City Labels

Rose City Labels is a small, prime label printer that does not have the resources to hire dedicated staff or expensive software. Staff started tracking eco-related metrics in areas that were accessible—energy usage from bills, garbage weight from the trash hauler, etc. The team bought into the program because it shared these metrics and things got better as it focused on them.

Then, the team asked for input and created several other small internal programs—pallet upcycling, pallet wrap reuse and ordering items from local sources with less packaging. This led to larger choices, like going to water-wash plates and being 100 percent wind powered. Though the efforts started small, they have grown organically since 2009.

Scott walks through Rose City Label’s journey—which earned the company an Honorable Mention in the 2021 FTA Sustainability Excellence Award Competition—and explains how any company can make a difference if it starts with small, incremental changes and keeps moving forward.

About Our Presenters

headshot Nate Miranda

Nate Miranda, TC Transcontinental Packaging

Nate Miranda currently leads the Innovation and Sustainability Platforms team at TC Transcontinental Packaging. This team identifies and vets new-to-TC technologies that will allow TC to meet its 2025 Ellen McArthur pledges. Prior to TC, Nate worked at MonoSol, PepsiCo and Sealed Air. Nate has been in the packaging industry for 28 years. He has a Ph.D. in chemical engineering and is an inventor on 18 US patents.

headshot Scott Pillsbury

Scott Pillsbury, Rose City Labels

Scott Pillsbury is president of Rose City Labels, a sustainably focused custom label print shop in Portland, OR. With his sister, he has guided the business to grow and prosper through innovative sustainability and marketing programs. He is a past TLMI board chair and recipient of several national awards and certifications.

Recently, the company as awarded the TLMI Eugene Singer award for management excellence. Prior to that, it received the 2018 TLMI Environmental Leadership Award, and in 2015 was recognized as the Oregon State University Family Business of the Year. Scott and his family live in Portland, where he enjoys snow and water skiing, travel and any outdoor activity. Earlier this year, he published Everything Works A Little – Practical Small Business Marketing That Works.