Sustainable Color Separations for Flexography

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May 12
11 a.m. ET
Stefano d’Andrea

Sustainable Color Separations for Flexography

The sustainability of a printed package doesn’t depend only on the type of substrate that was selected for production. Design and prepress activities, as well as the choice of components that determine the printing conditions, play an important role, too.

Join Stefano as he provides some indications for achieving significant savings in consumption of materials and energy, as well as a reduction in waste within the flexographic process.

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About Our Presenter

headshot Stefano d'Andrea

Stefano d’Andrea, flexo.exoert

Stefano is an industrial graphic expert. Since 1989, he has dedicated his professional activity to the flexographic process, from design and prepress, to plate making and printing. Stefano has covered roles of technical support to sales, product management, business development, education and technical training. Since 2017, he has been exclusively dedicated to technical education in the flexographic process and consultancy as an independent professional.

Stefano manages and websites and carries out teaching activities both independently and in collaboration with Italian and foreign technical institutes. He is a consultant of Atif (Italian Flexo Technical Association) and FTA Europe. Stefano serves as a member of TAGA Italy, a registered expert at the ISO-TC130 through Atif, a member of FTA and is a FIRST Certified Implementation Specialist. He is also an executive board member of the FQC and is a participant on the FIRST Leadership Committee.